The residence is of restricted use for the purposes of citizenship, it is not allowed to receive visits without prior written notice (sent by e-mail or registered letter), being possible to apply a fine and additional charge in case of noncompliance.
The house can be inspected without notice by the contractor or owner according to current laws of Italy;
For a pleasant coexistence between residents and neighbors, it is necessary to respect the schedules from 8:00 p.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., outside these hours it is forbidden to connect washing machines , hairdryers, talking loudly or talking on the balconies, the fine of the condo by disorder and noise is 500 to 800 Euros ranging from property to property, being charged directly from the contracting client;
Always check the doors and check that they are tightly closed if there is an elevator in the same way, avoiding accidents;
Respect the privacy of other residents, please keep order among themselves;
Our accommodations are divided between singles, couples and families, so it is expressly forbidden for another client or third party to sleep in another apartment other than yours, with permission from Ronaldo and property owners;
A Cleaning and care of the dwelling is the responsibility of the residents, therefore they must agree among themselves for the cleaning and care of the same, all must participate in the maintenance. (In case of not being done in a regular way will be sent a person weekly to and the amount will be passed on to the residents).
All the apartments have a particular structure geared towards your comfort and coexistence, where the same is the same for you and the other guests during your stay. Home It is the obligation of the contractor to leave the whole house clean and organized part common and private;
Turn off the electronics and turn off the lights when not in use;
Turn off the gas when not in use, any damages caused by fire will be liabilities of the inhabitants of the Property;
Make the correct garbage separation glasses, plastic, organic and indifferent. Here the city council applies a fine for mixed waste and will be passed on to the contractor, if it happens, check the collection time and not leave trash accumulated in the housing;
Issues related to documents and practice should always be clarified directly with Ronaldo at ronaldo@euna.it or telephone 331 461 1359;
Issues related to the problems in the apartment or lack of something essential, must be requested via e-mail mentioned above;
If you have something broken let us know and in case something breaks, reset it;
If you are using something treat with care and care. If it's free, do not waste it;
If you have any doubts we are your partners, do not hesitate to ask us or send to our email contato@eunait.com;